ALM Group Investments seeks & identifies opportunities in promising companies with high growth potential, revitalizing the management, distressed assets and markets. Our strategy focuses on value-added and income-oriented investment opportunities. By conducting through our very own model of analysis of the market taking into account various factors, ALM Group Investments assesses the best value of an investment which others may not observe.

Our topmost senior experienced team has earned a reputation for integrity, discipline and rapid execution with its ability to identify value creation in a predictable time frame and where its core competencies and competitive advantages means sustainable and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The main strength of our portfolio lies in sector diversity. Our major investments include agriculture, textile, luxury hotels, real estate, finance & investment services, consumer & retail, private equities and health care.

ALM Group Investments uses an entrepreneurial eye to seek for rewarding opportunities. Hence, we will always consider new business propositions that fit in with the risk-return model of the company.